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Fist 2 Fist (2011) DVDRip MKV by:ikhtiar

Synopsis: Years ago, Ken Min failed to stop his friend from killing a young couple, leaving their infant son orphaned. After his friend is sent to prison for the crime, Ken spends his life running away from his shame. Seeking redemption, he teaches mixed Martial Arts out of a community youth center. But Ken is ultimately forced to face his past when the orphaned boy finds his way into Ken’s life, and Ken’s murderous friend is released from prison. When he discovers that these two events are not a coincidence, Ken must choose between a heroic act of self-sacrifice or the self-preservation of running away.
Info: |Country: USA | Language: English  | Release Date: 2011 | Genre: Action | Cast: Jino Kang, Bill Duff and Gina Baretta | Quality/Source: Dvdrip Xvid – TaRiQ786 | Format: Matroska (MKV) Subtitle: none | Size: 350MB

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